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Threading Aftercare

– Avoid touching the treated area for 2-4 hours. The follicles are open and this increases the chance of pimples.

– No make-up or perfumed products inc fake tan should be applied for 24 hours.

– Avoid sun bathing / tanning beds, hot baths or sauna for at least 24 hours. If you must shower /bath make it warm water.

– Avoid swimming or spray tanning 24-48 hours post threading.

Waxing Aftercare

– No fake tans, massages, heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) or tight clothing for 24-48 hours.

– Try and avoid exercise for 24 hours as getting sweaty could clog the hair follicles. Do not scratch or touch the area with unwashed hands.

– Avoid applying deodorant, anything perfumed or make-up to the waxed area for 24 hours.

– To avoid pesky Ingrowing hairs you need to moisturise and exfoliate.

– Use a moisturiser with calming properties like aloe Vera, tea tree oil or witch hazel.

– Scrub 2-3 times per week but be careful, choose An exfoliator with a grain that isn’t too harsh for the area that you’re exfoliating

Gel Polish Manicure Aftercare

– Now you have smashing gel polish manicure apply cuticle oil at least once daily to condition and hydrate your nails – hand cream will not cut it.

– Wear gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening. The chemicals will dissolve the polish and can cause lifting.

– Do not pick, peel or Bite the gel polish off. Gelish is designed to adhere to your nails and if picked will cause damage to your natural nail.

– Be careful when opening car doors, making beds etc.

If you have any questions about the treatments or would like to book an appointment please contact us on either:
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‘This gem is amazing. Becky lives just around the corner from me and she is great. I am having threading done and mani and pedi. She will totally pamper you and is sooo lovely. I can’t give her enough credit. Amazing. My nails still look great 2 weeks in! And my eyebrows look natural but tidy.’


‘I have just discovered Becky and very pleased to have found such a great service at the end of my road! Becky is so friendly and she took a lot of care over my treatments. She had a baby mat and toys to entertain my son so I could relax properly which was a great bonus. Will definitely be going back!’


‘I’ve been coming to Becky for the last couple of months and she’s awesome! Not only is she really professional, does an excellent job every time but is really accommodating with her appointments. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else in Bristol – as you can see from her reviews I’m sure many of her clients would agree!’


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