Imagine the scenario, autumn is emerging,the flip flops are thrown to the back of the cupboard and the socks or tights are firmly covering those toes. You can breathe a sigh of relief. That’s one less thing to think about keeping groomed. But before you banish those tootsies to their wooly hibernation just have a think about them. ┬áDid you wear flip flops all summer? Did you go on a beach at all or spend a LOT of time walking bare foot (like me). If so its highly likely you’ve built up some dry skin and covering it in thick socks and boots aren’t going to help. Now there’s a chance that a good balm could heal this dry skin or your heels may have passed the point of no return – Dead Woman’s foot, a dry, cracked heel that wouldn’t look out of place on a cadaver. This my friends can only be removed with a rasp or a pumice stone, it’s time to say goodbye that dry, dehydrated old skin.

Secondly, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remove your old nail polish. Imagine your toes are now encased until the very earliest March or April. In that time they’ll get little air and will no doubt get a little sweaty when walking in wellies and the such like. With nail varnish acting like a black out blind this is the perfect breeding ground for a fungal toe nail infection. Once you’ve got one they are very hard to get rid of. You can tell if you have one if your toe nails are thickened and yellowing. This is the time to treat these blighters. It’s likely you can keep them covered till the works Christmas party and no one need know you’ve been working hard at eradicating your uninvited foot guest.

So there we go to summarise, moisturise, remove the dead skin and above all else remove that old chipped polish. You’ll be thanking me for it when it’s time to get them out next year. In fact your feet will thank you, your flip flops will thank you and you won’t be needing a series of treatments next Spring to be able to reveal your feet in public. Or failing all this effort, book one last pedicure.