If I had a pound for every time someone said that to me, I’d be ….. You get the idea.
Now obviously I’d disagree given my line of work but I have the weakest nails in the world when the gels are on they grow and are strong. When their off they are weak and I pick ’em.

Which brings me in nicely to my next point. How exactly are you removing the gel polish? Yes gel isn’t as easy to remove as normal nail vanish but putting my hand in my pocket could take off nail varnish. And that’s when y’all start to pick. Gel polish is cured to bond to the nail plate. It’s STUCK ON. SO when You are idly picking at that chipped bit in the staff meeting you are pulling at something that is stuck to your nail plate. Pull it off with your nails or worse and you are pulling layers of your nails off. Hot.

Or you could do what I used to do and pop into a walk in high street nail bar for removal and a free fungal infection. How are they removed here? With drills! Good for your nails right? Remember when I said gel polish was attached to your nail? Drilling off gel = drilling off nail. Damn right they’re going to be weak and break easy.

Finally, nails are made up of dead cells, they don’t need to ‘breathe’, even Charlie from Casualty couldn’t get life back in those bad boys. If you really want to help strengthen them use cuticle oil, the matrix of your nail growth starts before the nail has even made it to your finger. That’s why you’re aiming to add moistur to the area where the nail is made.

So next time you see my resting bitch face, it’s not you, no doubt someone’s found out my job and are trying to tell me how gels have ruined their nails.