It’s January. A bit of a non month. The money was spent last month and you’re left with a load of chocolates nobody likes but you can’t throw away and a few extra pounds. Depressing right? Wrong! I love January (it’s February I want to murder). There’s loads of good TV left over from Christmas and if you were lucky like me, you would’ve been given some smellies. You can’t go wrong!

So first up, your skin is taking a battering from the elements and there’s some work to put in. It’s essential that you’re exfoliating once a week. And only once a week. Exfoliating lifts off dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, healthier complexion below. It’s dead skin and dirt that lead to pustules (spots) so it’s important to get rid. Secondly, it’s unlikely you’ll be going out on an evening. When you come home, free the baps from the bra and get into your cosies, wash your face then. Immediately. No excuse. That way you’ve removed the days impurities, and your moisturiser or serum can get to work. And after a session with Sherlock and the kids leftover sweets you often can’t be bothered to take your face off before bed, now you’re ahead of the game.

Finally, you may have been given a manicure kit in an attractive purse shaped container. Apart from confirming the gift giver has no idea what you’d like, they’ve actually done you a favour. Grab the wooden cuticle sticks, gently push back the cuticles and slather on a load of hand cream whilst you’re watching TV. If you wanted to go the whole hog I’ve been known to moisturise my feet and slip a clean pair of socks on, allowing the cream to penetrate deeper.

January! There’s loads to do, what’s not to like?