Intimate Sugaring Techniques

The Intimate Sugaring Techniques course is a six-hour intensive training for Sugaring professionals with a previous qualification, or at least one year’s experience Sugaring and completion of an assessment. In this course, you’ll learn not only the theory of intimate sugaring but also learn hands-on practical techniques for extended bikini Brazilian and Hollywood for female sugaring.

Upon completion of this course, students receive an ABT Accredited Certificate and are eligible to apply for Professional Insurance.

2022 sugaring teaching details

This accredited course is perfect if you are new to Sugaring or you’ve already done some training but need a refresher. We’ll cover Hair Removal Theory in-depth and you’ll gain access to our Online Theory Course upon registration. In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of good Sugaring technique, proper hand positioning, client positioning and last but not least, how to Sugar! You’ll spend a majority of the course Sugaring legs, underarms, the lip, brow and bikini line. 

This two-day course is hands-on and aims to help you walk away feeling confident and ready to practice your new skill.

Course Name Months & Dates Duration Cost
Signature Sugaring Certification January - 18th/19th
February - 15th/16th
March - 15th/16th
April - 19th/20th
May - 28th/29th
June - 28th/29th
July 12th & 13th
September 13th & 14th
October 11th & 12th
November 8th & 9th
Two days £599
One Day Sugaring Bootcamp Runs Monthly One day £500
Intimate Sugaring Techniques Runs Monthly One day £500


Had my lashes lifted by the lovely Becky and I am amazed by how brilliantly the treatment has worked! I have had it done at other places before but been disappointed with the result. My lashes look dark & curled & perfect when I'm at the gym, when I wake up in the morning, and it's saved me so much time already! Yeah, I woke up like this! ',„.-)Think I'm hooked!

— Charlotte Scott

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Blown away by this place and the service that I've had here. You're made to feel welcome and at ease from the moment you walk through the door. Such a fan of of sugaring and today I had my first va-jacial following the sugaring, it was such a relaxing treatment and I left floating in a bubble of zen! Can not recommend this place enough, and the staff are alright I guess.

— Samantha Morris

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Rebecca is first class. My brows look fab and sugaring is so much less painful than waxing, with longer lasting results. If you are after quality service that is ethical and cruelty free, and someone you can have a laugh with, then EM is the place to go.

— Kerrie Bommer

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