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Hello everyone! So it’s been a totally fabulous month since we opened our new salon at 13 East St, Bristol, BS3 4HH and the lovely community of BS3 have featured us once again in the local press with the below article featuring in the South Bristol Voice… I’m kind of expecting some paparazzi soon if all goes well, and it would have been better if I’d remembered the photographer was coming so I’d have not worn such a non-sexy socks and trainer combo Anyway have a read below of the fab article and hope to see you in the salon very soon, also we have an e-newsletter in which we send out offers on a monthly basis, so sign up here should you want to get all the offers first!

A beauty salon with a conscience opens in East Street

January 31 2020

An eco-conscious beauty salon, which uses only vegan and cruelty-free products, has opened in East Street.

Local resident Rebecca Porter is behind Essential Maintenance, which she started from her dining room table in 2014.

Rebecca had been working as a secondary school teacher but decided to channel her love for providing beauty treatments – waxing hair was something she particularly enjoyed – into a new career and retrained as a beauty therapist.

In 2017, Rebecca moved her business to Windmill Hill City Farm and from there, Essential Maintenance’s customer base grew and grew.

Last year, she welcomed over 1,600 clients through the door.

More than two years on, the success of Essential Maintenance has allowed Rebecca to open her very own salon in the heart of Bedminster and provide treatments ranging from nail and brow maintenance to hair removal.

Sugaring is one service that Rebecca is proud to offer – an alternative hair removal method which uses a gel made from sugar, lemon and hot water and is thought to be less painful with longer-lasting results.

As a vegetarian, Rebecca has always been passionate about using cruelty-free, vegan products and has dedicated time to thoroughly researching every brand she uses in the salon.

She has also deliberately trained in treatments which are sustainable, and have a low carbon footprint and produce minimal waste – such as sugaring.

For Rebecca, it was important to use quality products that are not only kind to the client but the environment and animals as well.

Rebecca said: “The popularity of clean beauty is really growing, and people know they can make changes.

“The response since we’ve opened has been really good, and a lot of people are interested. I think people are glad to see things picking up down this end of Bedminster.

“We hope the salon is going to be a hit and is successful.”

She added: “We want the salon to be accessible – people can sometimes feel intimidated going into a beauty salon. We want people to feel relaxed and like they’re remembered.

“I’ve got to know a lot of people since setting up the business – it’s a real privilege to be part of this community.”

For more information about Essential Maintenance, visit: or follow @essentialmaintenance on Instagram and @essentialmaintenancebeauty on Facebook.

Huge thanks to South Bristol Voice for the article – take a look at their site here for other news and updates on BS3
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