Our Salon – As Seen In Vogue

So something spectacular happened, not only is the world coming around to the amazingness that is Sugaring. the benefits of sugaring were featured in the July edition of Vogue Magazine, you can read the article here . Not only did the article mention London Sugaring Co. for whom we teach the art of Sugaring for, but Vogue also lists Essential Maintenance as one of the places to go to for Sugaring. How amazing is that! Our little Bristol studio in Vogue Magazine! We’ve got to admit we drank a little something, something to celebrate!

Sugaring is an ancient art, originating in ancient Egypt. But why is it relevant today? And what has Essential Maintenance got to do with it. Two things, firstly the trend towards clean, green beauty is on fire! Sugaring ticks all these boxes because its organic and completely biodegradable. What’s more most Sugaristas, are continuing the low waste movement with biodegradable gloves.. But that’s not all. If you’ve ever had a waxing incident, a burn, a graze, ingrowing hairs. This doesn’t happen with sugaring. Why? Sugaring pulls the hair in the direction of growth, its not hot and it reduces the amount of hair that returns. We know you’ll love it as much as we do but in the meantime as Madonna said ‘strike a pose -Vogue!@

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